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5000 Tiket Konsert “Learn Unlearn Relearn” Habis Dijual

Selepas 2 tahun menyepi dari pentas persembahan live, podcast OKLETSGO menutup tirai tahun 2022 dengan persembahan konsert berserta...

1 Des 2022


Jangan Kecam 'One Hit Wonder' Imran Ajmain

Seorang pengguna aplikasi tiktok yang tidak memaparkan namanya telah melontarkan sebuah komen yang berbunyi seperti meremehkan penyanyi...

30 Jan 2023


Plot Twists In Disabled Grab Rider’s Story Strokes Controversy

Disabled Grab delivery rider Saire Adnan went viral recently for his now-deleted Facebook post where he shared his experience with a...

16 Jan 2023


Car-Sharing in Singapore: Convenience With a Catch

In light of the significant expenses associated with car ownership in Singapore, car-sharing has emerged as a viable option for...

29 Jan 2023


This Halal HBB Creates Cakes That Can “Sing” To You

Ever felt like pouring your heart and soul onto a cake, but you don’t have the right words for it? Or, there was not enough space on the...

7 Jan 2023


Law Society Singapore President Adrian Tan Addresses 377A Repeal

Source: The Asia Law Network Blog Adrian Tan, president of The Law Society of Singapore, shared his opinion on the repeal of 377A that PM...

28 Agu 2022


Cracked screens, poor customer service and expensive repairs: Is this the decline of Samsung?

Global electronics powerhouse, Samsung, has been known for its services and quick support. The brand’s newest launch is its Galaxy S23...

24 Mar 2023


Budget 2023: The Yays and Nays

If you’re expecting a full-length summary of the nearly 2 hours-long speech, fortunately, this piece is not it. Instead, let’s review...

17 Feb 2023

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