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$80 'Luxury' Bag? This TikToker Got Mocked For Sharing About Her Father's Gift

When TikTok user Zoe (@zohtaco) received a Charles & Keith bag from her father, she was happy to share the wholesome news with her followers.

Little did she know that the video would go viral overnight, amassing over 3 million views. Not all the attention was positive, however, as ugly comments mocking her for calling the bag “luxury” started creeping in.

The hateful comments prompted her to post an emotional response video explaining why she felt the bag was indeed a luxury for her.

In it, she opens up about her family’s migrant history, recounting tearfully how they did not have much, and that the $80 gift was purchased with her father’s hard earned money - a gift she never expected to get hate over.

The video in turn sparked a wave of netizens sharing their own stories of how they came to buy their own luxury bags, urging Zoe to not let others’ snobbery get her down.

Many pointed out that luxury is subjective to each individual.

Others highlighted the fact that the gesture of a parent’s gift to their child out values any monetary price.

Of course, it would not be a comments section without a troll comment.

More practical netizens started tagging the official Charles & Keith TikTok account, egging them on to sponsor Zoe.

It remains to be seen if they would jump on the marketing opportunity.

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