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Anti-SPF TikToker Tries To Viral Police Officers On New Year's Eve, Backfires Terribly

A TikTok user, Jonathan (@confederateginger), uploaded a series of five videos of his interactions with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on 1 Jan.

He was manning a Cheers outlet in Lau Pa Sat. He called the police for assistance, and claimed that someone who was allegedly drunk had “caused trouble”.

Jonathan added that the person had also impersonated a police officer claiming that he intended to “cuff him back to Cantonment”.

Watch Tiktok Video here

Refused to give ID

Just half a minute into the first video, the police officers asked for the ID of the complainant for verification purposes. That was when things turned ugly.

Jonathan refused to give the officers his ID as he believed he did not commit any offences. Instead, he recorded the whole ordeal, intending to viral the SPF on TikTok for ‘thug-like behavior’. It backfired as netizens turned against him, siding with the police instead.

Content critical of SPF

Prior to this incident, his TikTok account was filled with videos critical of the SPF.

Just about a week before the recent incident, he posted a video claiming that online supporters of SPF suggested that he moved to the United States.

Several other videos relating to SPF were also uploaded by the user.

Netizens called out Jonathan’s behaviour

In the comments section of the various videos posted, netizens called out his behaviour.

Most of them suggested that Jonathan may have watched too much U.S. police content and documentaries, skewing his views on local SG police.

On the other hand, netizens praised the SPF for their patience and professional conduct.

Clement’s patience

One officer in particular who won high praise was SGT Clement Ng.

In the third part of the video, after the user finally handed his ID to the police, Ng was in the store with him while the rest of his colleagues were outside, believed to be making a check on the user’s particulars.

Watch tiktok video here

It was then the user kept attacking the police, even accusing them of being corrupt. In a calm yet stern voice, Ng replied: “Who are you to say that SPF is corrupted?”

Netizens sang high praises of Ng:

Staff has been put on “administrative leave”, police investigation ongoing

Mothership reported that both men, Jonathan and the suspect he initially called the police on, aged 29 and 64 years old, were assisting with the police investigation.

It added that comments were made about race and nationality, along with verbal threats, prior to the police’s arrival.

Separately, Cheers released a statement that the staff involved has been “counselled and put on administrative leave” pending further investigation.

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