Botched Seating At Concert Leaves Billie Eilish Fans Frustrated

Updated: Sep 1

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Fans of Billie Eilish were left disappointed at her KL concert when the stage was set up so far away from their seats they could barely see her. The tickets were priced between RM308 to RM508. Netizens slammed Live Nation Malaysia, the concert organiser, for their mismanagement of the event.

Many complained about the stage placement as it was very far away from the seats. Some even joked that the organisers should have included binoculars as part of the package.

Concert goers complained that audio and visual transmission was bad. They could barely hear Billie from a distance.

Many expressed their dissatisfaction over the whole experience, saying it’s not worth the price they paid.

Many were unhappy with the set up as there was a gazebo in the middle of the extended stage which blocked the view of Billie performing.

Perhaps the weirdest reaction from the general public was how Billie’s concert was creepy and ‘unislamic’ due to the red lighting.

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Many seemed to feel a profound sense of fear that the end of the world was around the corner as the concert was held on a Thursday night, a night considered to be sacred by Muslims.

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Some even went to the extent of calling it a ‘Satan’s’ gathering, preparing for the arrival of the anti-christ and professed fear of God smiting the concert goers.

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A TikToker, Frahazharr, addressed the comments condemning the concert goers. She said it was unfair to label the fans as sinners or followers of Satan simply because they were at a concert instead of a mosque on a Thursday night.

She protested that many other people forget their obligations for a variety of reasons and it was unfair to only pick on the concert goers.

According to Coconuts KL, Billie’s concert, which was held at Stadium Bukit Jalil, had a maximum capacity of 80 000 but organisers overestimated the turnout as the stadium wasn’t filled. Some also complained about the chaotic and terrible queue conditions.

Source: Coconuts KL

Source: Coconuts KL

Singaporean fans went through similar issues during Billie’s concert. Complaints ranged from poor queue management and seats being far away from the stage.

The Singapore concert was also organized by Live Nation SG, and unsurprisingly Singaporean fans had to endure similar issues like their Malaysian neighbours. While videos of the setup don’t show it being as bad as in Malaysia, the stage was still too far away.

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