Starhub Users’ EPL Streams Ruined, Outraged By Lack Of Customer Service

Updated: Sep 1

One of Singapore’s biggest telcos, Starhub, was slammed by enraged netizens for poor streaming quality of the English Premier League (EPL). Starhub apologized on their Facebook page for the inconvenience but customers weren’t placated by it, threatening to unsubscribe and reporting them to IMDA.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

Starhub took over the broadcasting rights for the English Premier League from Singtel this year.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

The problem was reported around 2.15 pm, prior to the start of the first EPL game.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

Customers were asked to log out and log in again if they face trouble with their set-top box. However, the troubleshooting tip just made them more frustrated as the tips did not help the situation.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

When the login issue was finally resolved the streaming was problematic. Complaints included frozen screens.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

Audio issues

Source: Facebook, Starhub

As well as laggy and low resolution transmissions.

Source: Facebook, Starhub

A Plan B listener Baba Man shared his experience as a Starhub’s Premier + customer who suffered all of the issues above.

“Starhub took over the broadcasting rights for the English Premier League from Singtel. For football fans in Singapore, to view the matches, we had to either subscribe to their premier plus (app) or the cable tv box.”

“Unfortunately, the app has been a disaster for all. If you view it via phone, the quality is extremely bad and the streaming is very laggy. I feel that the whole transfer of broadcasting rights brought more issues than solutions for us end users. I was a previous customer of Singtel mioTV and had minimal issues.”

“I feel like Starhub should improve their customer service. I tried calling to enquire about their sports channel and no one answered my call for three days. The comments section under the Starhub Facebook page also reflects the same issue.”

This streaming issue is not a new one. According to Straits Times. Singtel went through the same problem with their customers in 2019 when their Cast app failed twice in a row.

Football fans were enraged as they were unable to stream the game at 9pm when it started.

A week after the problems were reported, football fans are still encountering the same issues.

Source: Straits Time

Hopefully, Starhub is doing more to resolve the streaming issues or some fans may just resort to reporting them to IMDA.

Reporter’s Opinions: As a Starhub user, I have to agree that ever since they offered Premier+, their iptv box has been causing problems. I’ve had to troubleshoot countless times and I’ve also been locked out of my own account due to an error message which said that my password was wrong. It wasn’t wrong.

Contacting their Whatsapp customer service was another headache because the account is run by bots. I only received a reply the following day after my logging in issue was resolved.

Starhub, you better listen to your customers and improve your customer service. Your bots are annoying.

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