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This Halal HBB Creates Cakes That Can “Sing” To You

Updated: Jan 9

Ever felt like pouring your heart and soul onto a cake, but you don’t have the right words for it?

Or, there was not enough space on the cake to express what you feel?

And the cake ends up with just “HBD [Insert Name]”.

Well, this Home Based Business (HBB) might have a solution for you.

Scan this cake to play a song

Moonlighters created a particular type of cake decoration that allows you to scan Spotify Codes on the cake itself to play a song or a playlist.

It’s similar to scanning any QR codes, just that this uses the Spotify app.

Mind you, these audiowave-shaped Codes were not printed on a cake, but fully hand piped by the bakers.

“This is one of our signatures,” Sya, one of the business partners of Moonlighters, said.

She added that she believes Moonlighters is the only Halal HBB that provides such services.

When asked what the inspiration behind these “Spotify Cakes” was, the entrepreneur gave an interesting, yet practical reply:

“Basically if the cake is too small for them to express their feelings, they use this design instead,” she said.

Speaking to Plan B, Sya further explained that once the customer scans the code, it generates a particular song, or a whole playlist that the customer has prepared for the recipient.

Trying to recreate the Codes by hand, on a cake, is definitely not an easy feat.

“If we don’t nail [the drawing of the Codes], then the surprise won’t turn out as intended,” she said.

Doodles another popular option

Of course, this isn’t Moonlighters’ only cake offering. A quick glance at their Instagram account, which has more than 10,000 followers to date, provides a flavour of their different styles of cake decoration. One of which is doodling.

Both Sya and Sheikha toyed with the idea of children’s doodles after they received several orders for the cake.

To them, it turned out to be “such a cute idea”, and after seeing the kids’ reactions to the doodles, the duo believed that “it’s priceless”. According to Sya, almost all their customers gave feedback that the cakes were too “sayang (precious) to be eaten”.

“Good for you, better for me”

With the number of orders for their cakes, there are bound to be several memorable moments for Moonlighters.

One of which they shared with Plan B that there was a lady who ordered a cake for her engagement.

However, closer to the date, the lady texted Moonlighters to change the words on the cake to “Good for you, better for me” as the engagement was called off.

Some customers just didn’t care about the wording, so they requested to write “Craving for Cake”.

Moonlighters share their menu as well as cake designs regularly on their Instagram Page.

You may look at the Instagram Page on how and when to place an order.

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