UiTM Lecturer Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Police Investigations Ongoing

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A University Technology MARA (UiTM) Johor Bahru lecturer went viral recently with allegations of his sexual harassment against a former student. The student Farah took to TikTok to expose the lecturer who sent her a lewd questionnaire under the pretext of doing a survey about sexual education in higher learning institutions.

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The questionnaire started off with what sounded like legitimate sexual education questions like

  • “Are sexual urges normal?”

  • “Students need to be aware and have open conversations about sex.”

  • “Sexual education is important in schools.”

  • “Promiscuity and unwanted babies is a result of keeping sex taboo.”

  • “Sex before marriage is a trend.”

  • “Safe sex can prevent pregnancy before marriage.”

  • “List down safe sex practices according to you.”

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However,it soon started turning lewd when the questions became inappropriately personal.

  • “Do you enjoy masturbating?”

  • “Do you climax when you masturbate?”

  • “What are your thoughts on using sex toys?”

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The questions got progressively worse when she was asked to define sexual acts such as blowjobs and light petting. She was then asked to rank in order what happens before intercourse, from kissing to climax.

(The list includes removing of clothes, fondling, oral sex, penetration, sexual sounds and ejaculation.)

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  • “What are the signs of your pre-orgasm?”

  • “Are you turned on by this questionnaire?”

Farah said that she did not think much of it because sexual harassment was a big issue at that time and truly believed that her lecturer was doing a survey for educational purposes. She also believed that her lecturer was a good person and not a sexual predator.

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But Farah’s faith in him was proven wrong when their conversation about the survey went south. According to her, he started sharing about his ‘student conquests’ and elaborated on his personal sexual experiences.

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She decided to ask her group mates if they received a similar survey from him and was shocked to realise that she was singled out by the lecturer.

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Farah continued chatting with her lecturer to gather evidence against him for sexual harassment. Her lecturer went to the extent of asking her what she was wearing in bed.

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Farah went to the police station to file a report against him the next day. She had to surrender her phone as evidence but she kept tabs on the investigation.

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There were a couple of netizens who said that the lecturer’s shenanigans started way back in 2011 and haven’t been reported yet.

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After making a police report, the lecturer attempted to contact Farah to apologise and begged her to retract her statement.


One questioned the authorities for the delay in the investigations. The report was made a year ago and it is still under investigation.

He used Prophet Muhammad as an example of forgiving his followers and begged Farah to forgive him for what he did.

This isn’t the first time UiTM has been embroiled in a sexual harassment case. SAYS reported that a total of 15 students came forward with screenshots of their harassment experience with said lecturer.

According to MalaysiaKini, a lecturer from UiTM Dengkil, Selangor was accused of sexual grooming and harassment by his students back in 2021.

The lecturer was bold enough to share with the student about his ‘sexual escapades’ with his other victims.

Source: SAYS

Farah’s case is still currently being investigated by the police in Malaysia and UiTM Johor Bahru. Hopefully, she gets her justice. Sexual harassment is not a joke and lecturers who prey on students should not be allowed to continue teaching because it concerns the safety of the students at large.

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